Curriculum Development Center

Curriculum Development Center (CDC) is the constituent of Agriculture and Forestry University established under AFU Act section 18 enacted by Nepalese parliament in June, 2010. It is the part of academic affairs of university to provide academic excellence in teaching and direction to the academic program. CDC maintain academic quality of the university and provide the equivalence to the certificates given by the other universities of the globe.

CDC Operational Committee

There is an operational committee to provide policy and guidelines for the effective functioning of the CDC. The committee was formed as given in the rules book of AFU section 13.

 Chairman  Chairman
 Faculty Deans  Member
 Examination Controller  Member
 Director, Continuing Education  Member
 Chairman, Subject Matter Committee (3)  Member
 Secretary, HSEB   Member
 Director, CDC  Secretary


  • To develop curriculum of academic program of the university
  • To update and revise the existing curriculum of the academic program according to changing needs of the consumer agencies and nation
  • To publish text books, reference books and practical manuals to improve academic quality of the university
  • To provide the equivalence to the certificates of the foreign university.


  2. COURSE BULLETIN OF B. V. Sc. and A.H.
  3. COURSE BULLETIN OF B. Sc. Forestry

Practical Manual in Review

Four practical manuals written by faculties are already in review

  1. Principles of Agronomy
  2. Fundamental of soil science and geology
  3. Introductory genetics
  4. Taxonomy of Fin fish


More than twenty certificates of different universities of the world has been made equivalent to Agriculture and Forestry university

Future Program

Publication of syllabus of B. Sc. Fisheries, M. Sc. Ag, M. V. Sc, M. Sc. Forestry.