Journal of Agriculture and Forestry University (JAFU)

Journal of Agriculture and Forestry University | Volume 5 - 2022 || Wednesday, July 20, 2022
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PDF icon Biology and management of Chinese citrus fly, Bactrocera minax (Enderlein) (Diptera: Tephritidae) | D. Adhikari, R. B. Thapa, S. L. Joshi, J. J. Du, and S. Tiwari950.28 KB
PDF icon Analysis of floor price trend of raw coffee in Nepal | G. Luitel and B. Acharya554.07 KB
PDF icon Host plant preference by the fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith) (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera) on the range of potential host plant species | S. Tiwari430.27 KB
PDF icon Evaluation of Kangkong (Ipomoea aquatic L.) genotype, a potential green leafy vegetable in summer season at Khajura, Banke, Nepal | S. Lohani, S. L. Shrestha, R. Rawal, Y. K.C., and L. N. Aryal294.7 KB
PDF icon Constraints on the use and adoption of information and communication technology (ICT) tools and farm machinery by paddy farmers in Nepal | U. P. Sigdel, K. N. Pyakuryal, D. Devkota, and G. P. Ojha289.13 KB
PDF icon Determinants for adoption of foundation rice seed production: Evidence from Kailali district of Nepal | J. Dhungana288.35 KB
PDF icon Effect of foliar application of different nutrients on growth, yield, and quality of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) in Sankhu, Kathmandu, Nepal | A. Duwadi, A. K. Shrestha, and D.P. Pudasainy333.33 KB
PDF icon Evaluation of reproductive performance and litter traits of Khari, Jamunapari and Sirohi crossbred goats in Surkhet district of Karnali province, Nepal | N. Bhattarai, J. Poudel, M. R. Kolakshyapati, M.P. Sharma, N. A. Gorkhali, A. Sigdel, S. Upadhayaya, and S. Sapkota270.62 KB
PDF icon Response of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L. Cv. Bhaktapur local) to the application of plant growth regulators in plastic tunnel | K. Dahal and K. C. Dahal574.77 KB
PDF icon Aphid pest management in sweet pepper field with rapeseed as a companion crop | A. Shrestha, S. Tiwari, R. Regmi and B. Gautam293.24 KB
PDF icon Efficacy of biological and chemical insecticides against diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella L.) on Cabbage (Brassica oleracea L. Var capitata) | B. Sapkota, R. Regmi, S. Tiwari, and R. B. Thapa324.23 KB
PDF icon Comparative study on fattening performance of different goat breeds supplemented with common fodder trees in mid hills of Nepal | S. H. Ghimire, D. B. Nepali Karki, R. Shah, R. P. Ghimire, and S. Malla347.16 KB
PDF icon Distribution of isoflavone and pinitol content in different parts of Serica lespedeza | K. H. Dhakal328.1 KB
PDF icon Maize cultivation: present status, major constraints and farmer's perception at Madichaur, Rolpa | S. Dhakal, S. K. Sah, L. P. Amgain, and K. H. Dhakal319.25 KB
PDF icon Laboratory bioassay of fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) larva using various insecticides | S. Sharma, S. Tiwari, R. B. Thapa, S. Pokhrel, and S. Neupane351.29 KB
PDF icon Effectiveness of different measures to control red bloom in carp ponds | R. B. Mandal, S. Rai, M. K. Shrestha, D. K. Jha, and N. P. Pandit318.29 KB
PDF icon Determinants of technical efficiency among dairy farms in Chitwan, Nepal | S. C. Dhakal273.53 KB
PDF icon Effects of varieties and fertilizer levels on yield and economics of hybrid rice at Hardinath, Nepal | U. Sah, S. K. Sah, S. Marahatta, and M. P. Neupane246.41 KB
PDF icon Effectiveness of crop and livestock protection methods against wildlife damage: A case from Chitwan National Park, Nepal | S. Ghimire, D. Devkota, S. C. Dhakal, and B. R. Upreti 1002.59 KB
PDF icon Growth performance of different fish species during dry period in Chitwan, Nepal | P. Neupane, S. Rai, H. Kafle, and R. Ranjan289.13 KB
PDF icon Contribution of marginal land and indigenous crops on food security: A case of eastern Chitwan, Nepal | R. H. Timilsina, G. P. Ojha, P. B. Nepali, and U. Tiwari730.32 KB
PDF icon Husbandry practice, health, productive and reproductive status of lulu cattle in Mustang, Nepal | G. Gautam and P. B. Oli226.74 KB
PDF icon Antioxidant activity of essential oil of Artemisia vulgaris collected from sub-tropical region of Bagmati province, Nepal | S. Sapkota, I. P. Kadariya, M. Pandey, P. Risal, and B. B. Basnet418.01 KB
PDF icon Relationship between udder and teat conformations and morphometrics with milk yield in Murrah buffaloes | S. P. Poudel, D. K. Chetri, R. Sah, and M. Jamarkatel275.89 KB
PDF icon Effects of coated and briquette urea on yield and nitrogen use efficiency of rice at Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal | S. Marahatta405.75 KB
PDF icon Determining factors and impact of household income on dairy cattle insurance in Nepal | S. Subedi and R. R. Kattel317.98 KB
PDF icon Factors affecting adoption of major adaptation strategies against drought among summer vegetables growers in central Nepal | A. P. Subedi, D. R. Dangol, S. C. Dhakal, and U. Tiwari317.15 KB
PDF icon Understanding the role of key determinants towards realizing food insecurity amongst the rural households: A case from Bajhang and Morang districts of Nepal | N. Bastakoti and S. Bhattarai569.35 KB
PDF icon Restoring competitive and commercial agriculture in river basin of Nepal, focus in Daraudi river, Gorkha | S. Pokhrel 921.8 KB
PDF icon A study on activation of polyethylene glycol and its characterization by infrared spectroscopy and thin layer chromatography | R. Bashyal446.83 KB
PDF icon Clinical evaluation of Ageratum houstonianum Mill intoxicated goats | R. Bhatta, P. Sharma, and P. Pal364.88 KB
PDF icon Isolation and antibiotic sensitivity of Salmonella typhimurium isolates from poultry farms and slaughterhouses of Chitwan, Nepal | S. Singh627.99 KB
PDF icon Synthesis of nanoparticles of Poly (ethyleneimine) and their characterization by transmission electron microscopy, thin layer chromatography, and infrared spectroscopy | R. Bashyal457.7 KB
PDF icon Effect of Trichoderma isolates on Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc | P. Adhikari, S. M. Shrestha, H. K. Manandhar, and S. Marahatta1.58 MB
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Journal of Agriculture and Forestry University | Volume 4 - 2020 || Tuesday, October 13, 2020
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PDF icon Concept and rationale of evolutionary plant breeding and its status in Nepal | B. K. Joshi, D. K. Ayer, D. Gauchan, and D. Jarvis902.11 KB
PDF icon Food availability and consumption in relation to developing strategies for sustained production and supply in Nepal | S. Pokhrel867.28 KB
PDF icon Value chain analysis of large cardamom in eastern Himalayan road corridor of Nepal: Trade and governance | R. R. Kattel, P. P. Regmi, M. D. Sharma, and Y. B. Thapa1.04 MB
PDF icon Probit and Logit analysis: Multiple observations over time at various concentrations of biopesticide Metarhizium anisopliae strain | T. N. Bhusal, M. Pokhrel, and R. B. Thapa607.35 KB
PDF icon Productive efficiency of organic vegetable grown in kitchen garden of Chitwan, Nepal | S. C. Dhakal342.99 KB
PDF icon Role of social capital on flood resilience capacity: Evidence analysis from Susta, Nawalparasi Paschim, Nepal | N. Gyawali, D. Devkota, P. Chaudhary, A. Chhetri, and N. R. Devkota418.02 KB
PDF icon Effect of digestate / biogas slurry on wheat under rice – wheat cropping system | B. P. Pandey, N. Khatri, M. Yadav, K. R. Pant, R. P. Poudel, and A. H. Khan412.2 KB
PDF icon Assessment of site specific nutrient management on the productivity of wheat at Bhairahawa, Nepal | M. Yadav, S. K. Sah, A. P. Regmi, and S. Marahatta389.88 KB
PDF icon Field response of wheat genotypes to spot blotch under different sowing dates at Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal | S. Nepal, S. M. Shrestha, H. K. Manadhar, and R. K. Yadav441.88 KB
PDF icon Weed density and productivity of dry direct seeded rice in relation to weed management practices and seedbed preparation methods | P. Shah, S. K. Sah, K. B. Basnet, and M. N. Paudel361 KB
PDF icon Weed dynamics and productivity of dry direct seeded rice in relation to tillage and weed management practices | D. Marasini, S. K. Sah, S. Marahatta, and S. Dhakal780.67 KB
PDF icon Evaluation of maize hybrids in Terai and inner Terai ecological belt of Nepal | K. B. Koirala, T. R. Rijal, G. KC, S. Khan, D. N. Mahato, S. Manandhar, S. Subedi, and M. P. Tripathi371.5 KB
PDF icon Nitrogen levels influence barrenness and sterility of maize varieties under different establishment methods during hot spring in western Terai of Nepal | S. Marahatta780.55 KB
PDF icon Comparative economics of maize grain and seed production in Okhaldhunga, Nepal | P. R. Dulal and S. Marahatta528.1 KB
PDF icon Evaluation of capsicum (Capsicum annuum L.) genotypes for variety improvement | D. R. Bhattarai, S. K. Maharjan, I. P. Gautam, S. Subedi, and S. Pokhrel503.51 KB
PDF icon Integrated management protocol for New Zealand endemic wheat bug (Nysius huttoni) in forage brassicas | S. Tiwari, N. Dickinson, and S. D. Wratten666.01 KB
PDF icon Mulching materials affect growth and yield characters of cucumber (Cucumis sativus cv. Malini) under drip irrigation condition in Chitwan, Nepal | A. Karki, B. Sapkota, P. Bist, K. Bista, J. P. Dutta, S. Marahatta, and B. Shrestha460.47 KB
PDF icon Effect of plant growth regulators on flowering and fruit yield of cucumber (Cucumis sativus cv. Malini) in Chitwan, Nepal | B. Sapkota, M. Dhital, B. Shrestha, and K.M. Tripathi375.5 KB
PDF icon Growth, yield and post harvest quality of late season varieties of cauliflower at Rampur, Chitwan | H. N. Giri427.82 KB
PDF icon Efficacy testing of ‘soft’ pesticides for cabbage butterfly (Pieris brassicae nepalensis Doubleday) in cauliflower at Rampur, Chitwan | H. N. Giri, M. D. Sharma, R. B. Thapa, K. R. Pande, and B. B. Khatri368.15 KB
PDF icon Forest land prone to more soil erosion than cultivated land in the Chure hill of eastern Chitwan, Nepal | B. Oli, B. R. Khanal, C. P. Shrivastav, S. Lamichhane, and R.B. Ojha1.14 MB
PDF icon Agroforestry systems: Biodiversity, carbon stocks and contribution to rural livelihood | P. Ghimire and S. Bolakhe721.52 KB
PDF icon GIS based approach in land suitability analysis of Lokta (Daphnee bholua) | S. Tripathi, H. Adhikari, and S. Ghimire1.56 MB
PDF icon Detection of Mycobacterium avium sub sp. paratuberculosis (MAP) by PCR in the faeces of dairy cattle of Chitwan, Nepal | S. Singh, I. P. Dhakal, U. M. Singh, and B. Devkota1.02 MB
PDF icon Current practices of Nepalese veterinarians for the clinical management of pain in animals | S. Shrestha and M. K. Shah1.21 MB
PDF icon Anti-inflammatory properties of methanolic extract of "sikari laharo" (Periploca calophylla) | J. Adhikari, S. Thapaliya, S. Singh, M. K. Shah , and N. Paudyal429.52 KB
PDF icon Protein deficiency – a challenge to livestock productivity enhancement in Nepal | S. B. Singh495.86 KB
PDF icon Different seed rates of forage maize with a fixed stand of cowpea affects proximate composition of both species | S. R. Barsila398.02 KB
PDF icon Growth comparison of piglets fed with different level of bakery waste in basal diet | M. R. Tiwari, H. R. Dhakal, and M. Sah Sudi393.63 KB
PDF icon Maximizing fodder yield of teosinte (Euchlaena mexicana) through sowing dates and mixed fodder cropping management | B. Khanal, N. R. Devkota, M. R. Tiwari, and N. A. Gorkhali400.03 KB
PDF icon Seasonal variation in milk yield, fat and SNF content of Murrah crossbred buffalo in mid-western Terai region of Nepal | N. Bhattarai538.84 KB
PDF icon Effect of frozen storage on microbial load of hybrid heteroclarias, Clarias gariepinus and Oreochromis niloticus | A. A. Ayeloja, W. A. Jimoh, M. O. Shittu, and B. O. Batatunde415.51 KB
PDF icon Effects of sunlight on the abundance of Euglenophyceae in earthen ponds | R. B. Mandal, S. Rai, M. K. Shrestha, D. K. Jha, and N. P. Pandit393.56 KB
PDF icon Value chain analysis of cucumber in Arghakhanchi, Nepal | R. Khanal and S. C. Dhakal547.48 KB
PDF icon Evaluation of efficacy of chemical, botanicals and beejamrut in growth promotion and management of damping off disease in cauliflower at Udayapur, Nepal | S. G.C. and L. Khatri425.07 KB
PDF icon Good laboratory practices (GLP): Key in success for the disease diagnostic field | H. Luitel377.26 KB

Journal of Agriculture and Forestry University | Volume 3 - 2019 || Wednesday, July 1, 2020
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PDF icon Agriculture land use in Nepal Prospects and impacts on food security | R. H. Timilsina, G. P. Ojha, P. B. Nepali, and U. Tiwari512.44 KB
PDF icon Farmer’s perception on vulnerability of cropping pattern and adaptive mechanism in Panchthar and Chitwan, Nepal | D. Devkota, S. Dhakal, S. K. Khatri, and N. R. Devkota507.08 KB
PDF icon Validating technical performance of micro-hydropower plants in Nepal | R. B. Thapa, B. R. Upreti, D. Devkota, and G. R. Pokharel915.66 KB
PDF icon Fatty acid composition of oil extracted from soybean seeds harvested at different days of reproductive stage | K. H. Dhakal332.85 KB
PDF icon Effects of different doses of nitrogen on jassid (Amrasca biguttula biguttula Ishida), and red cotton bug (Dysdercus koenigii F) population and yield of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench) in Chitwan, Nepal | B. Belbase, G. Neupane, H. Yadav, N. Pandey, and R. Regmi341.48 KB
PDF icon Fruit bagging with cloth bag: An eco-friendly and cost effective management method of cucurbit’s fruitfly (Bactocera cucurbiteae Coq.) on bitter gourd (Momordica charantia L.) in Kathmandu, Nepal | S. Pokhrel959.72 KB
PDF icon Variability, heritability and correlation studies on grain yield and related traits in spring wheat genotypes | B. R. Ojha, A. Ojha, and R. Chaudhary300.98 KB
PDF icon Effects of foliar application of urea and micronutrients on yield and fruit quality of Mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco) | P. R. Rokaya, D. R. Baral, D. M. Gautam, A. K. Shrestha, and K. P. Paudyal241.29 KB
PDF icon Effects of chemical additives on shelf life of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) during storage | P. Devkota, Pritika Devkota, R. Khadka, K. R Gaire, and P. R. Dhital398.87 KB
PDF icon Effects of spacing and weed management practices in winter maize in Rampur, Chitwan | P. Gurung, S. Dhakal, S. Marahatta, and J. B. Adhikari369.59 KB
PDF icon Farmers’ perception on climate change and maize cultivation in relation to insect diversity across the altitudinal gradient of Nepal | G. S. Bhandari, R. B. Thapa, Y. P. Giri, H. K. Manandhar, and P. K. Jha1.08 MB
PDF icon Evaluation of heat tolerant maize (zea mays l.) Inbred lines under natural field conditions in India | M. P. Tripathi, S. K. Ghimire, S. K. Nair, S. K. Sah, M. P. Pandey, M. T. Vinayan, K. Seetharam, and P. H. Zaidi290.7 KB
PDF icon In-vitro evaluation of commercially available fungicides against Bipolaris sorokiniana, the cause of spot blotch of barley | B. Angdembe, N. Dhakal, S. G.C., K. R. Pant, and H. K. Manandhar388.36 KB
PDF icon Contribution of dead wood and forest soil to carbon sequestration in Parsa National Park, Nepal | G. Kafle, Y. P. Timilsina, R. P. Sharma, M. Rijal, B. Bartaula, B. Pokhrel, and V. Thakur450 KB
PDF icon Leaf litter decomposition and weight loss pattern of five tropical tree species | S. Bhattarai and B. Bhatta563.41 KB
PDF icon Assessment of major feed resources and its utilization in Manaslu Conservation Area, Nepal | B. Dhakal, S. Subedi, B. Khanal, and N. R. Devkota886.87 KB
PDF icon Effectiveness of duration of CIDR application on reproductive performance of postpartum anestrous dairy cows | G. Gautam, B. B. Ratna, A. K. Sah, and B. N. Devkota291.98 KB
PDF icon Response of irrigation and plant bio-regulators spray on seed yield and quality of Egyptian clover (Trifolium alexandrinum L.) | R. P. Ghimire, N. R. Devkota, D. Devkota, and M. P. Sharma333.04 KB
PDF icon Nepal livestock feed balance and strategies to address the feed deficit | S. B. Singh and N. Singh409.48 KB
PDF icon Performance of locally formulated low cost feeds for rearing rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss walbaum, 1792) fry in Nepal | G. B. Gurung, S. Rai, A. P. Nepal, and K. Gharti269.13 KB
PDF icon Guidance207.95 KB
PDF icon Author's Index87.72 KB

Journal of Agriculture and Forestry University | Volume 2 - 2018 || Thursday, August 23, 2018
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PDF icon Table of Content197.66 KB
PDF icon Association of nutritional status to reproductive performance in buffaloes | B. Devkota895.72 KB
PDF icon Can organic materials supply enough nutrients to achieve food security? | J. Timsina854.26 KB
PDF icon Current diagnostic techniques of Mycobacterium avium sub sp. paratuberculosis in domestic ruminants | S. Singh, I. P. Dhakal, U. M. Singh, and B. Devkota941.44 KB
PDF icon Effects of climate change on mountainous agricultural system in Makwanpur, Nepal | A. P. Subedi870.17 KB
PDF icon Assessment of gender involvement and decisions in agriculture activities of rural Nepal | D. Devkota, I. P. Kadariya, A. Khatri-Chhetri, and N. R. Devkota886.93 KB
PDF icon Gender roles in decision-making across the generation and ethnicity | D. Devkota and K. N. Pyakuryal881.76 KB
PDF icon Out-migration and remittances in Nepal: Is this boon or bane? | R. R. Kattel and N. Upadhyay880.7 KB
PDF icon Economic valuation of pollination service in Chitwan, Nepal | S. C. Dhakal878.92 KB
PDF icon Behavioral practices of supply chain actors on quality maintenance of raw milk in Nepal | U. Tiwari and K. P. Paudel1.04 MB
PDF icon Livelihood improvement through women empowerment for a broader transformation in the way of living A case of Churia area | Y. Humagain and D. Devkota988.27 KB
PDF icon Effect of organic and conventional nutrient management on leaf nutrient status of broad leaf mustard (Brassica juncea var. rugosa) | B. P. Bhattarai, K. P. Shing, S.M. Shakya, G. B. K.C., and Y. G. Khadka875.05 KB
PDF icon Effect of planting dates of maize on the incidence of borer complex in Chitwan, Nepal | G. Bhandari, R. B. Thapa, Y. P. Giri, and H. K. Manandhar1.22 MB
PDF icon Growth, yield and post-harvest quality of late season cauliflower grown at two ecological zones of Nepal | H. N. Giri, M. D. Sharma, R. B. Thapa, K. R. Pande, and B. B. Khatri909.62 KB
PDF icon Efficacy of commercial insecticide for the management of tomato fruit borer, Helicoverpa armigera hubner, on tomato in Chitwan, Nepal | R. Regmi, S. Poudel, R. C. Regmi, and S. Poudel1.08 MB
PDF icon Efficacy of novel insecticides against South American tomato leaf miner (Tuta absoluta Meyrick) under plastic house condition in Kathmandu, Nepal | R. Simkhada, R. B. Thapa, A. S. R. Bajracharya, and R. Regmi926.14 KB
PDF icon Simulation of growth and yield of rice and wheat varieties under varied agronomic management and changing climatic scenario under subtropical condition of Nepal | S. Marahatta, R. Acharya, and P. P. Joshi1018.64 KB
PDF icon Wet season hybrid rice seed production in Nepal | S. N. Sah and Z. Xingian994.29 KB
PDF icon Nutritional parameters in relation to reproductive performance in anestrus chauri (Yak hybrid) cattle around Jiri, Dolakha | B. P. Gautam, B. Devkota, R. C. Sapkota, G. Gautam, and S. K. Sah846.08 KB
PDF icon Changes in physiological and metabolic parameters of sheep (Ovis aries) during trans-humance at western himlayan pastures | K. Bhatt, N. R. Devkota, I. C. P. Tiwari, and S. R. Barsila877.16 KB
PDF icon Reproductive status and infertility in Chauries around Jiri, Dolakha | R. C. Sapkota, B. Devkota, B. P. Gautam, T. B. Rijal, G. R. Aryal, and S. K. Sah931.17 KB
PDF icon Determining chemical constituents of the selected rangeland to help improve feed quality under the context of climate change in the districts of Gandaki river basin | S. Chaudhari and N. R. Devkota938.66 KB
PDF icon Productivity and chemical composition of oat-legumes mixtures and legume monoculture in southern subtropical plains, Nepal | S. Dangi, N. R. Devkota, and S. R. Barsila912.1 KB
PDF icon Effect of forced molting on post molt production performance of locally available commercial laying chicken | S. Sapkota, R. Shah, D. K. Chetri, and S. R. Barsila907.23 KB
PDF icon Supply chain analysis of carp in Makwanpur, Chitwan and Nawalparasi districts of Nepal | K. Adhikari, S. Rai, D. K. Jha, and R. B. Mandal871.92 KB
PDF icon Efficacy of tamoxifen on sex reversal of nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) | N. P. Pandit, R. Ranjan, R. Wagle, A. K. Yadav, N. R. Jaishi, and I. Singh Mahato881.19 KB
PDF icon Performance of pangas (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) under different densities in cages suspended in earthen pond | S. N. Mehta, S. K. Wagle, M. K. Shrestha, and N. P. Pandit1.25 MB
PDF icon An assessment on abundance of aquatic invasive plants and their management in Beeshazar lake, Chitwan | A. Sharma, S. Bhattarai, and B. Bhatta1.34 MB
PDF icon In the search of end products of commercially important medicinal plants: A case study of yarsagumba (Ophiocordyceps sinensis) and bish (Aconitum spicatum) | G. Kafle, I. Bhattarai (Sharma), M. Siwakoti, and A. K. Shrestha1.17 MB
PDF icon Carbon stocks in Shorea robusta and Pinus roxburghii forests in Makawanpur district of Nepal | P. Ghimire, G. Kafle, and B. Bhatta1.08 MB

Journal of Agriculture and Forestry University | Volume 1 - 2017 || Wednesday, September 13, 2017
PDF icon Table of Content230 KB
PDF icon Plant breeding in Nepal: Past, Present and Future | B. K. Joshi1.87 MB
PDF icon Changed gender roles and rural agricultural system | D. Devkota and K. N. Pyakuryal217.57 KB
PDF icon Impacts of group organic certification of coffee on socio-economic and environmental sustainability in Nepal | R. R. Kattel307.57 KB
PDF icon Value chain analysis of orthodox tea: Evidence from Ilam district of Nepal. | K. B. Adhikari417.73 KB
PDF icon Need based nitrogen management in hybrid and improved rice varieties under dry direct seeded condition | P. Subedi208.41 KB
PDF icon Varietal screening of rice against leaf folder, caseworm and grasshopper damage under field condition in Chitwan | R. Regmi.547.02 KB
PDF icon Ecological weed management practices and seed bed preparation in sub-humid condition of Chitwan, Nepal | S. Marahatta339.39 KB
PDF icon Effects of biochar applicaton on soil properties and production of radish on loamy sand soil | S. Timilsina231.05 KB
PDF icon Morphometry of the female reproductive organs of the Murrah cross buffaloes in Chitwan, Nepal | B. Devkota and A. K. Singh203.15 KB
PDF icon Recent case flow pattern in Veterinary Teaching Hospital of Agriculture and Forestry University, Chitwan, Nepal | G. Gautam474.92 KB
PDF icon Fodder productivity of Teosinte at different sowing dates in western mid-hills of Nepal | N.R. Devkota567.55 KB
PDF icon Diversity and marketing of dried fish products in Nepal | N. Pradhan, M.K. Shrestha, S. Rai, D.K. Jha, and S. K. Sah989.55 KB
PDF icon Prevalence of porcine cysticercosis and its associated factors in Kathmandu valley, Nepal | R. Chaulagain190.26 KB
PDF icon Hatchery hygiene mapping based on microbial load assessment in Chitwan, Nepal | R. K. Bhattarai200.85 KB
PDF icon Ranking of fodder tree species and their biomass production in the hills and mountain of Nepal | S. Upreti and N. R. Devkota177.72 KB
PDF icon Evaluation of egg laying and egg quality parameters of local chicken sakini (Gallus gallus domesticus) of Nepal | S. Sapkota185.63 KB