Directorate of Research and Extension

Research and extension, besides teaching are mandatory functions at AFU as envisaged in its Act (2010). Considering this, Directorate of Research and Extension has been established at AFU. The main idea behind linking teaching to the research and extension are: to generate scientific information to help solve current problems in agriculture, including livestock and forestry; to establish research as mandatory function of university system so that it could contribute meaningfully to the development of agriculture, livestock and forestry sector in a holistic perspectives; to operate in a Land Grants model considering teaching, research and extension as tri-patriotic and valuable components of the university system, and to strengthen university's teaching system through quality research and extension works also by linking its activities to the government's extension line agencies and research bodies.

The following are the highlights about on-going projects at AFU, executed by Directorate of Research and Extension:

  • Improving nutrition and productivity of buffalo to adapt to the impacts of climate change in Nepal (2012-2015); FFIL CR ALSCC INPB USA- International and collaborative research between DLS, NARC and AFU lead by Michigan State University
  • TIRI student research project (2012-14/15); FFIL CR ALSCC INPB USA- Student research support project at AFU in the area of Animal Science and Climate change.
  • Action research on Agriculture Nutrition Extension Program (ANEP) (2013-2014); WorldFish
  • Development of more efficient and environmentally sustainable aquaculture systems for Nepal (2013-2015); AQUAFISH Innovation Lab, USA
  • Drug resistance on Canine and human interface (2013-2014); University of Saskatchewan, Canada
  • NTNU-Three Ph. D students support in Fisheries (2013-2015); Norwegian Government Fund
  • Impacts of chemical pesticides on women farmers of vegetable pockets along the highway corridors of Makwanpur and Parsa districts (2014/15); Actionaid International, Nepal
  • Li-BIRD funded faculty and PG student thesis support research in the area of climate change, livestock including health (2014-2015); Li-BIRD in collaboration with, USA under LCC-CRSP-Innovate Lab
  • One Health Asia ANSAB Led projects in collaboration with RELIEF International- supporting PG students in the area of zoonotic diseases and veterinary health (2014-2015); ANSAB Nepal
  • One Health Epidemiology Fellowship (2014-2016); Massey University New Zealand- AFU acts as secondary host for this program
  • AFU funded 29 research slots as of collaborative and multidisciplinary faculty research including PG students’ thesis research support (2014/2015)
  • Promotion of bio-fertilizer cum bio-pesticides for eco-friendly agriculture; NARDF/Ministry of Agriculture, GoN funded project (2015-2018)
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